Practical Tips

For reservations, would please read our terms and conditions

For a smooth course

Would you please follow these rules:
  • You will need to bring your course card. No duplicate will be issued in case of loss. 
  • You must be present in advance at the gathering point of your course, mentioned on your card. 
  • You will need to get a package for ski lifts. It is not automatically included in the course price. There are different packages (Free, Beginners, Isola 2000 Domain, Mercantour Domain). Consider inquiring directly at the ESF or at the SEM of Cimes des Mercantour (04-93-23-25-25)

Consider equipping yourself

  • You must be equipped for the cold, but also to the sun (ski outfit, socks, gloves, goggles, sunscreen). 
  • The equipment is not included in the price and must be retrieved at the end of each course. 
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended

Tips for Parents

  • Your children will be evaluated on Friday during their lesson(s). 
  • The medals correspond to technical levels and are not considered as rewards. 
  • Reaching a level is a driving force to the motivation of the child, but it must not become an obligation. 
  • Do not overestimate the level of your child because the instructor will report his/her capabilities and request a demotion. Which may be resented by the child. 
  • If you ski with them after the ski lessons (which is highly recommended) be sure to stay adapted tracks. 

Further information

  • A group lesson could be cancelled and/or modified, by the management of the ESF, at the last moment in case the minimum number of registered students (4 people) is not reached. 
  • In case of bad weather, ALL our courses are INSURED. Your instructor is waiting for you under the snow. 
  • Meteorological and atmospheric conditions and ski lift breakdowns cannot be imputable to the ESF. 
  • In case lessons stop beyond our control, no refund will be made.