If I cancel my course(s), do I get a refund?

  • No refunds in case of illness or accident. 
  • We advise you to take out an insurance that will reimburse you. Carte Neige is on sale at the ESF or insurance packages sold with ski lifts. 
  • Any lesson that is not cancelled 24 hours in advance will neither be refunded nor exchanged. 
  • Online sale: no refund, we advise you to take out cancellation insurance offered during reservation.

Is the equipment provided by the ESF?

  • Equipment renting is not included in the price of ski lessons. 
  • We suggest you contact the sports shops in the resort. 
  • The helmet is highly recommended. 
  • Children of the Piou-Piou course do not need ski sticks.

Will the lesson take place if it is snowing or raining?

  • YES your instructor is waiting for you. 
  • No matter the weather conditions. 
  • The mountain in winter requires suitable equipment plan on wearing a mask for visibility.

Can I share my private lesson with my child?

  • For skiing it is not advised. The pedagogy used is different for children and adults. 
  • For snowboarding, no problem, you can share your lesson. 
  • Avoid putting many children at different levels. The instructor would start at the lowest level and the lesson would be unprofitable for the child with a higher level. 
  • Also, avoid putting many children under five in the same course.

Is there snow during this period?

  • Yes there is always snow.
  •  In case of need, the station is equipped with a large number of snow cannons.

Is it necessary to book?

  • It is safer especially for the February holidays.

How to make sure that my children of the same level will be in the same group?

  • We cannot specify that during booking. 
  • It will be simply necessary to report it to the instructor at the start of the first lesson. 
  • But watch out, their progress may be different

How many lesson hours do I need to take to know how to ski?

  • It depends on your progress, your motivation, and your physical condition.

When do the final apprenticeship tests the take place?

  • Children registered in group lessons take their tests on Friday during their lesson. 
  • Registration for the test is automatic. 
  • The results are given to children by instructors on Friday during lessons

How to choose between group lessons and private lessons?

  • This is primarily a question of budget. 
  • Some people feel more motivated in groups - "I do not want to be less talented than others." 
  • Others feel more confident with a private instructor - "I injured myself and I have had big concerns ever since." 
  • The choice is between your hands