The dos and don'ts 

For ski, snowboard, freestyle and competition lessons….

  • You should be dressed for the cold (but sunny) weather (ski suit, socks, gloves, goggles or mask, sunscreen). 
  • Equipment is not included in the price and must be picked up at the end of every lesson.
  • We strongly encourage you to wear a helmet.
  • Back protection is recommended for freestyle and completion lessons. 

For snowshoe outings:

  • Shoes:
Warm and water-resistant hiking or snowboarding boots are highly recommended. Traditional after-ski footwear is not allowed because it does not adequately protect against the cold and humid weather of the slopes. In addition to footwear, we recommend leg warmers because they protect you from the snow and prevent you from getting your feet and lower legs wet. Certain ski pants have them already built-in. 
  • Poles: 
A pair of poles is necessary mostly because they improve stability going up steep hills and when going back downhill. Alpine ski poles are just fine, the only difference being that they are slightly bigger than regular ski poles. 
  • Backpack:
Regardless of what lesson you've signed up for a backpack is an essential item to have. Make sure to pack a water bottle and sugary snack in the event we take a snack or water break. A change of clothes in case you need to change is recommended as well.

Don’t forget to pack a camera either!